website maintenance in san diego, california

keepin' it clean with monthly • website updates • revisions: San Diego Web Design Studio offers hourly, monthly, and yearly web maintenance services for clients who require moderate to frequent changes and updates to their websites.

Our web maintenance service plans differ from our seo arrangements and options by the type and category of work entailed. Simply put, if we're providing monthly seo services, in most cases maintenance services are a given, and included with seo. In contrast, if we're providing monthly maintenance services, then we're likely not providing seo. As you wouldn't need the maintenance if we're in charge of your search optimization and marketing. Seo typically entails quite a bit of onsite tweaking, and maintenance is applied in the process.

Marketing and promotional driven tasks are covered under san diego web's seo & marketing plans.

To keep matters even more clear and transparent, maintenance services are somewhat separate from "support services". How so? Well maintenance is typically prevention and care. Like an oil change for your vehicle, it's pretty routine. On the other hand, website "support" services lean toward problematic issues that require troubleshooting and expended brain cells [sometimes iq points too, if your tech is lucky enough to have them] :).

Does it even matter? Why be so micro? To save you money. Keep things honest. Just as Seo requires a much higher level of skill and service than maintenance, and is a "given" inclusion with ongoing seo arrangements, ongoing Maintenance services usually prevent the Support services from becoming necessary in the first place..unless you or someone you know did a "my bad" to your site, in which case we hopefully have a recent backup to help resolve things quickly and economically.

Assignments and work requests such as building incoming backlinks, onpage and offpage search engine optimization, search engine and directory submissions, content writing, and other marketing and promotional duties are excluded from website maintenance services and terms, but are covered by our San Diego SEO & Marketing services.

If your California company, small business, or organization needs reliable, efficient, and affordable web maintenance services, give San Diego Web Design Studio a call today at 619.504.0450

For your convenience, you can eMail us 24 hours per day with any questions and receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

photo touch-ups | blog revisions | upkeep | etc ...Some of San Diego Web Studio's webpage maintenance services are priced a bit lower than others. For example, revision of content is a simple procedure, and is priced much lower than back end programming, such as repairing shopping carts on eCommerce sites, which is technically considered Support. Support includes troubleshooting and repair, and is of a problem solving nature. Maintenance is prevention of support related issues. Make sense? Click here to visit our Website Support section, or just call us at 619.504.0450 to ask wtf? »» oops. We're really easy going for bona fide geeks... nerds without attitudes or hangups, that's a promise.

Even new website design differs quite a bit from our specialty; website repair for seo (deadbeat site repair). Speaking of deadbeats, we've had clients ask us to fix boyfriend and teenagers, too...but things can get pretty expensive with that.

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